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Zoey: Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting our website! My name is Zoey. Animals are my life. They have a huge part in my heart. I love watching the Olympics. Especially, the summer games. My favorite sport is swimming. I also enjoy softball and street hockey. My favorite hockey team is the Philadelphia Flyers. My favorite baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies. I love the Philadelphia Eagles! Sports have a huge part in my life too. I also love reading. My favorite book is The Judy Moody series. My favorite book in the series is “Judy Moody Saves the World”. Again, thanks for visiting our website! 

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Julia:HI!  I’m Julia, animals are the contribution to my life: a part of it, made to fit me, love me and I love them back.  I also love harry potter (HP) national treasure (NT) and lots of other movies and books.  And my life is also tied around swimming, art, animals, books, family, pets, and obviously: animals.  I thank you for visiting our site to have fun and look around the website, I also encourage you to go to national geographic, wwf, and all the links in our site!

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Edward:Hey guys! I’m Eddie. I really like animals. The  website about the Amur Leopard I made myself! If you were an animal, what animal would you be? I  personally would choose the Wolf. Other than Wolves and Amur Leopards, my favorite animal is the dog. Did you know that dogs are descendants of the ancient wolf? This happened during the Ice Age. Some wolves happened upon a human cave, and the humans fed them well in return for protection. And the wolves, their bellies full of cooked meat evolved into what we now know as the Modern Dog. What’s YOUR favorite animal?