arctic foxes

arrrrrrrrrrrarrrrrrrrr   arararararaw those are the sounds of sad foxes all over the world!  they all are going extinct for the reasons we will all become to familiar with…  the arctic fox is being hunted, in the most inhumane way, they are sending dogs in to lure them out of their den so they can Read More…

Giant Panda

Fortunately,the Giant Panda was raised on the Red List of Threatened Species, managed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature endangered species list. It was raised from endangered to vulnerable.  Thanks to a Giant Panda named “Boom Boom”, they are not endangered anymore. Here is a link to Boom Boom’s article by National Geographic. Press Read More…


The Saola is also known as the “Asian Unicorn”. The Saola is very endangered. According to WWF,  their scientific name is Pseudoryx nghetinhensi. The habitat is the Evergreen forests with no or little dry season. The Saola can weigh up to 200 lbs. According to WWF, the Saola is critically endangered. There are only 750 or less Read More…

bald eagles, not really bald!

BALD EAGLE the bald eagle is another victim of endangerment.  they are endangered because of illegal killing and loss of home in many places and not just america!  canada has this problem too! There talons have very sharp!  Don’t touch! picture from PIXABAY

bobcat, all gone?

not quite gone so much as VERY little left in the world! to access hyperlink and read more, click read more!    who doesn’t love the bobcat! a bobcat is a awesome animal! the bobcat has many awesome features!  they are endangered because of illegal killing in the wild.

Giant Chinese Salamander

Sadly, another animal species is endangered. This time, it is the Giant Chinese Salamander. The salamander lives in China. The animal is the largest salamander and amphibian in the world. Another, name for this animal is the Andrias davidianus. Courtesy of Wikipedia and Conserve Energy Future.  To access hyperlinks, press read more. written by Zoey.  

sea cow!!!!!!

the sea cow (manatee) are endangered because, boats often don’t see them and run them over! manatees are VERY LOW in the world. there are actually only a little less than 3,000 left in the world!

ferret number?

Did you know, FERRETS are ENDANGERED!  yes, these cute cuddly creatures are PRETTY close to extinction!  they are great pets!  but, if your planning to get one…  you just might NOT!  Yep, so rare in some states to get one as a pet because of endangerment!

The Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan Rhinoceros is one of my favorite animals. Sadly, the animal is endangered. The Javan Rhino lives in Indonesia. Longevity is unknown, but Javan rhinos probably live 30-40 years. Courtesy of Written by Zoey